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Duo is a modular system, capable of creating a spatial graphic sign which captures the 1960s mid-century modern vibe. The modules are easily assembled and disassembled with rubber bands, without any tools, allowing the user to adjust the aesthetic to their own liking. The black and white modulation recalls the geometric compositions of mid-century style, while in pastel colors it changes into a flight of butterflies. Duo can be arranged with ease as a room divider, console, side table, always creating a distinctive pattern that changes stylistically with changing colors.

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Folded 01

Folded 01 is the latest design by Erno Dierckx. In his work he tries to challenge the way everyday object are constructed and goes back to the essence of the product. In this way every object gets a minimalistic yet sophisticated look. Erno Dierckx works with honest durable materials and subtle color details. The goal of this year is to find the right partner to bring the chair into production and expand the collection, including a table and lounge chair.

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This is a polyhedron refrigerator, it has red wine storage, ice making, keep fresh triad function. It combines wine cabinet and refrigerator two big modules. And its characteristic is can adjust toward according to indoor layout, and through the combination of magnetic adsorption. This is different from existing embedded in decorating the refrigerator of fixed mode. In addition, with modular combination refrigerator can be customized according to user's demand and choice.

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The fine balance of its delicate sections, straight lines and sturdy stance juxtapose with a biomorphic shaped backrest that gives this piece a very human quality. The Limonio dining chair combines strength, lightness, grace and modernity. Added to this the Limonio mixes and plays with both craft through its brass and timber detailing and with simplicity. The final and defining touch is Levity.

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Dyhan lounge concept combines modern design with traditional eastern ideas and principles of inner peace by connecting with nature. Using the Lingam as form inspiration & the Bodhi-tree and Japanese gardens as a basis on the concept's modules, Dhyan (sanskrit for meditate) transforms the eastern philosophies into varied configurations, allowing the user to choose his/her path to zen/relaxation. The water-pond mode surrounds the user with a waterfall & pond, while the garden mode surrounds the user with greenery. The standard mode contains storage areas under a platform that acts as a shelf.

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The Saltator is a long-span structure, which is an ensemble of form, function, and aesthetics inspired by the ground-breaking works of Gaudi. The furniture extends Gaudi's designs and other conventional funicular forms, by exhibiting a unique balance of tension and compression forces in 3D space. The structure shows how to minimize the volume of construction materials and reduce the carbon footprint of a structure while preserving the necessary mass for structural performance. The Greco-Roman wrestling technique, Salto, has inspired the structural form.

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