Mezzi Master Exhibition by One Plus Partnership Limited

One Plus Partnership Limited Designs The Mezzi Master Exhibition Exhibition

One Plus Partnership Limited, the author of the displayed work Exhibition by One Plus Partnership Limited says, Mezzi Master is a 4 storey cultural centre with a book shop and exhibition space. The theme, staircase, is a metaphor for the acquisitio <Cropped>

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Apeer-Logo Design by Du Qingling

Du Qingling Exhibits The Apeer Logo Design

Du Qingling, the project leader of the award winning project Apeer - logo design by Du Qingling demonstrates, It was designed for a travel company that serves the college community. According to its company characteristics, services and other areas o <Cropped>

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Womenswear Collection:improbable Journey by Suet Yi Ko

Suet Yi Ko Exhibits The Improbable Journey Womenswear Collection

Suet Yi Ko, the creator of the displayed design Womenswear Collection by Suet Yi Ko spells out, The Collection is about expressing the diversity of a metropolitan by handmade textiles (hand-felted wool and hand interlacing technique) and innovative s <Cropped>

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Katsumi Tamura-Calendar 2014 “zoo” Calendar

At Design Interviews

Interview with Katsumi Tamura : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Katsumi Tamura : Life, Nature and City etc. ― all thing's shapes and colors surrounding myself. .Frank Scott: What has been your <Cropped>

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Warner Music Hong Kong-Workplace Office by Lorène Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui

Lorène Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui Shares The Warner Music Hong Kong Workplace Office

Lorène Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, the architect of the award winning project Award Winning Warner Music Hong Kong Workplace Office demonstrates, The brief of the project is to create a unique workplace that suits the activity of the music compan <Cropped>

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National Palace Museum Award-The 8th National Treasure Merchandise Design Competition

National Palace Museum Awardobjective The National Palace Museum (npm) Has Organized a Series of Design Competitions, Campus Seminars, Representations and Award Ceremonies to Promote The Cultural and Creative Industry, Pass Down a Wealth of Chinese Cultu

National palace museum awardObjective the national palace museum (npm) has organized a series of design competitions, campus seminars, representations and award ceremonies to promote the cultural and creative industry, pass down a wealth of chinese <Cropped>

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Corporate Identity by Lawrens Tan

Lawrens Tan Reveals The Logo Branding Corporate Identity

Lawrens Tan, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Corporate Identity by Lawrens Tan says, WAAA is an arts association in China to create a network in the music & art industry. It is a collaboration for artistes to share their insights an <Cropped>

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Conceptual Project by Ruta Mickiene

Ruta Mickiene Shares The Aqua Lingua Conceptual Project

Ruta Mickiene, the project leader of the award winning design Conceptual project:Aqua Lingua by Ruta Mickiene spells out, Aqua Lingua offers a possibility to see what is invisible: our words, music or other sounds. The water surface is stirred by ind <Cropped>

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Cup by Hefei Weixian Product Design

Hefei Weixian Product Design Reveals The Hefeng Cup

Hefei Weixian Product Design , the lead designer of the awarded project cup:HeFeng by Hefei Weixian Product Design explicates, The cover above can be unscrewed so that heat can be slightly dissipated through small openings on the top of the cup. In t <Cropped>

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Lighting Design Award

A' Design Award and Competition Is Open For a' International Lighting Products and Projects Design Awards

A' Design Award and Competition is open for submission of entries by lighting and product designers, lighting architects and lighting product manufacturers from all over the world. With participants from over 100 countries, The A' Lighting <Cropped>

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