Armchair by Natalia Komarova

Natalia Komarova Spotlights The Lollipop Armchair

Natalia Komarova, the creative mind behind the displayed work Lollipop - Armchair by Natalia Komarova points out, The Lollipop armchair is a combination of unusual shapes and fashionable colors. Its silhouettes and color elements had to look remotely <Cropped>

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House by Yu-Jui Chang

Yu-Jui Chang Illustrates The Old House in Wabi-Sabi House

Yu-Jui Chang, the architect of the highlighted project House:Old House in Wabi-Sabi by Yu-Jui Chang says, In Japanese, Wabi-Sabi means to get rid of the unnecessary, and to pursue essence of nature. However, it doesn’t mean to change its original o <Cropped>

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Sbid Interior Design Student Competition: Get Me 2 The Top 2019

Sbid’s Get Me 2 The Top Student Competition Was Developed to Find Talented First-and Second-year Design Students, Offering The Opportunity to Win 3-month Internships At Leading London-based Design Studios

Sbid’s get me 2 the top student competition was developed to find talented first- and second-year design students, offering the opportunity to win 3-month internships at leading london-based design studios..

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Workout Silicone Water Bottle:happy Aquarius by Chungsheng Chen and Enyang Chen

Chungsheng Chen and Enyang Chen Discloses The Happy Aquarius Workout Silicone Water Bottle

Chungsheng Chen and Enyang Chen, the project leader of the displayed work Happy Aquarius by Chungsheng Chen and Enyang Chen explains, Happy Aquarius is a safe and good grip water bottle for all ages. It has a smooth smiling curvature shape designed a <Cropped>

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Award Winning Zhenghong Property Air Harbour Office Office

Aedas Portrays The Zhenghong Property Air Harbour Office Office

Aedas, the maker of the award winning project Office:Zhenghong Property Air Harbour Office by Aedas says, Strategically located near the Zhengzhou airport, the project is designed to provide office spaces for three different future occupiers: governm <Cropped>

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Commute Carbon-App by Anyi Sun

Anyi Sun Spotlights The Commute Carbon App

Anyi Sun, the designer of the award winning work App by Anyi Sun says, With rising concerns about global warming, individuals need to reconsider and readapt their lifestyle choices. To tackle this challenge, the mobile app Commute Carbon was designed <Cropped>

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Aid Team, Onur Onrat's Cosmos Sbs Refrigerator

Aid Team, Onur Onrat Portrays The Cosmos Sbs Refrigerator

AID Team, Onur Onrat, the lead designer of the award winning design COSMOS by AID Team, Onur Onrat explicates, The beautiful exterior is backed up inside with a large storage capacity to keep all your favourite food and food preservation technology t <Cropped>

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Vincent Zhang's Oppo Product Experience Center

Vincent Zhang Spotlights The Oppo Product Experience Center

Vincent Zhang, the thinktank behind the awarded design OPPO - Product Experience Center by Vincent Zhang points out, Compared with the traditional mobile phone sales scene, we hope to give consumers some more open and free space. As the first super <Cropped>

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Sculptural Bench:metric-Ganic by Webber (ping-Chun) Chen

Webber (ping-Chun) Chen Shows The Metric-Ganic Sculptural Bench

Webber (Ping-Chun) Chen, the creative mind behind the award winning work Sculptural Bench:Metric-Ganic by Webber (Ping-Chun) Chen explicates, With Metric-Ganic Chen explores the notion of how civilization imprints knowledge and how humans have shaped <Cropped>

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Hudson's River Waterfront & Chrysallis-Park by Eleftherios Piskitzis

Eleftherios Piskitzis Discloses The Hudson's River Waterfront & Chrysallis Park

Eleftherios Piskitzis, the creator of the award winning design Eleftherios Piskitzis's Hudson's River Waterfront & Chrysallis Park points out, The Chrysalis Park designed for a 1.5-mile-long elevated rail structure on Manhattan's W <Cropped>

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