Vase:flwr Shpr (flower Shaper) by Dave Coomans & Gaudi Hoedaya

Dave Coomans & Gaudi Hoedaya Shows The Flwr Shpr (flower Shaper) Vase

Dave Coomans & Gaudi Hoedaya, the designer of the award winning work Dave Coomans & Gaudi Hoedaya's Flwr Shpr (Flower Shaper) Vase spells out, These serie of vases is the result of experimenting with the capabilities and limitations of clay and a self-built 3D clay-printer. Clay is soft and pliable when wet, but becomes hard and brittle when dry. After heating in a kiln, clay transforms into a durable, waterproof material. The focus is on creating interesting shapes and textures that are either difficult and time consuming to make or even not doable using traditional methods. The material and the method defined the structure, the texture and the form. All working together to help shape the flowers. No other materials were added..

Vase:flwr Shpr (flower Shaper) by Dave Coomans & Gaudi Hoedaya Images:


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